The train: fun at first, flat in the end

Dear Lily,

Today we were in for a long day of voyage from Lyon to Perpignan.

I biked 7km to the train station in the morning and noticed something was not quite ok. After a few hours on the train the whole back tire was totally flat. Changing trains at Avingnon was nerve wrecking.

We were offered help by many people including a really friendly grandpa cyclist who wanted to fix my tire with mousse.b28c3b61-2071-4fe3-a87e-96c808f686f1 We didn’t get it fixed though because I forgot to open the ventile of the tire. How stupid can I be.

On the train you were not in your usual element and by times hard to handle. Always climbing on top of things, wanting to run through the path. However it is a shaky ride and therefore dangerous. You don’t understand why it is not allowed and protest a lot😩 I also think you miss the road and you don’t know what is going on. For me it was tough and not at all pleasant. Arriving late in the city and having to push the whole thing by hand for 2 km towards the hotel. I am counting those to my 1000km!!

Luckily I booked a nice hotel in the train and there was no problem whatsoever that I put my bike in my room. Maybe I can fix the tire tonight. No clue, never had to do it before so I am going to watch those videos I made with Stijn from Bike Pieters. The shower was most welcomed and you adapting quickly to life hotel style 😁 I have barricaded your side of the bed, yet you lie on my side as we speak!

In the meanwhile the mountains of doom are getting closer 😖 but first a good night sleep in a proper bed. Sooo looking forward to that after camping non stop!

Mommy ***


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