Final kilometers to the Mediterranean Sea!

Dear Lily,

I am so happy that the days in the mountains are over! As of Cassà de la Selva we descend to the Mediterranean Sea towards Sant Feliu de Guixois! The road is a gravel road, I hate those but it is car free so safe for you while you sleep. Hopefully we won’t get a flat tire. I take a break to enjoy the view of Cassá one last time.

The road is yuk but the views are very nice. And my face says it all: we are almost there and I feel so relieved! We are in no hurry today because we will stop at a campsite in Llagostera.

After a trip of 17km we arrive at camping Ridaura. Host Josep has a heart for cyclists and offers us a good price for 2 nights. However, seeing the cause of he promptly invites us to stay for free! We are so grateful and we enjoyed our resting day in style!

The next day we break up camp very early to do the final kilometers! The final kilometers!!! I can hardly believe it! The green road stops a bit before Sant Feliu.

We bike to the harbour to take the boat towards Tossa Del Mar. The personal on the boat is so friendly, lifting the bike, your chariot, and inviting us for a sandwich! You giggle when the boat goes up and down. However I have to hold on to you very good because all you want to do is walk alone, but that is too dangerous.

In Tossa we arrive at a beach filled with tourists and in the middle is our bike, chariot and bags… sooooo funny. We are a bit of an attraction. img_7059The life guard protects the material while we go quickly to buy some diapers. Then we are off with the next boat to Blanes. You play el capitane!

Arriving in Blanes you are very tired. I pushed our “truck” into the shades and within seconds you fall asleep.

In the meanwhile I sit on a bench with this gentleman and we talked for an hour.img_7076 He in Spanish and me with my hands and we enjoy watching you sleep. I gave my phone to the little coffee hut next to the beach for charging. There you make new friends and eat your first lolypop! Your face was full of sugar. Aaaah doomed for the future now! You like the candy 🙈

We try to go for a swim, but again: beach sand… not really your thing and waves even less. You crawl all the way up to my shoulders when I want to go into the water. 🙂

In the afternoon we pack up to go to the train station of Blanes. There we bump into a hill of 15%! Really #😫😡%>$|£¥{?😤 this is not funny, my last kilometers and so steep uphill! I was really not happy with that. We arrived at the train station 1 minute before the train arrived. Luckily all went well!

So we arrive in Barcelona! In total we have biked 1012,7 km from Dendermonde to Barcelona! Mission accomplished!

I am so proud of you Lily!

Mama ***

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