The Launch of a new NGO

I am Emma, a single mother from Belgium and I am launching my own NGO http://www.lily.care, to support single mothers in developing countries with the education of their children. cropped-logo-zonder-datum-met-extensie.jpgLily.care stands for “Learning Impacts the Life of the Youth” because a decent education is key to fighting poverty.

To strengthen the launch of Lily.care, I’ve decided to do a crazy campaign: chariotI am going to bike from Belgium to Barcelona, pulling my 17 month old daughter, LILY, along in a chariot. A trip of more than 1500 km for which I am hoping to get sponsored.

or make a contribution on
BE29 4056 0759 1964 Emma De Bock

Why should you sponsor us?

As founder of the NGO I have spent several years in Tanzania, North India and Nepal. I have been working as a humanitarian aid worker in education and in micro financing. Too often have I noticed that education is a huge financial burden –  even though primary education should be free of charge according to the UN convention for children’s rights. Lily.care strives to support the children of single mothers to get a degree or learn a profession.

The assets of Lily.care are the knowledge and contacts I have made during my stay in these three developing countries. Lily.care can rely on trusted and local partners I know personally. So we will not only make a difference for the children of the selected single mothers, but we would also create job opportunities for empowered single moms. My personal knowledge and expertise will guarantee your donations reach those we want to help directly, with a minimum in overhead costs.  Since I can’t help out in the field myself, I see it as my duty to coordinate everything as a volunteer.

Your donations will not just be handed over. They will be invested directly into schools or payments of i.e. school uniforms. That is why our local team and participation is so important. It is not “just giving”. It will be hands-on assistance, follow-up and result-orientated guidance.

We are a small NGO, taking baby steps, but in doing so we can change the life of a few in a big way. Sponsor us and make the difference!